Preventing injury in the developing rower

GRowingBODIES are combining with Conny Draper, expert Rowing Biomechanist to present a 90 minute symposium on preventing injury in the young developing rower at this weeks 2018 World Rowing Sports Medicine and Science Conference in Berlin.

Our key messages are:

  • Preventing the first episode of low back pain is essential to reducing the prevalence of low back pain at the elite level of the sport
  • Low back pain is endemic in young growing rowers
  • Young male rowers need to be flexible and young female rowers need to have a strong trunk to prevent low back pain
  • Rib stress injury is a season stopping injury in developing young rowers and is under-represented in the current literature
  • Forearm pain in the developing rower is linked to technical, environmental and proximal chain contributors to increased grip force on the oar
  • Knee pain is more common in young than elite rower and can be present anteriorly or posteriorly [at the front or back of the knee]

We look forward to presenting a detailed overview of these topics and more on Thursday to the international rowing community.

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