Stretching your quads for Rowing

There is no doubt that the most dominant muscles used for power through the rowing drive is the quadricep group, located on the front of the thigh.

When young rowers are growing, this muscle can get tight from use but also loses relative length as the long bones grow and the corresponding muscles take time to adapt.

As the name suggests, the quadriceps muscle group is made up of four muscles. One extends over the front of the hip joint and down to the knee cap (the longest muscle). The other 3 extend from further down the thigh bone into the knee cap (the short muscles).

The muscle running over the hip does not need to be flexible to row as it is relaxed over the hip and stretched over the knee at the catch. However, the other three muscles that extend from the thigh to the knee are on full stretch when the rower is compacted with a vertical shin position at the catch.

Rowers need to stretch these shorter muscles with the knee in front of the hip. A traditional quad stretch with the knee under the hip stretches the longer muscle and is less relevant for rowing.

We recommend the following stretches for the adolescent (& every) rower:

If you get knee pain in the seated stretch you should only do the standing stretch.

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