GRowingBODIES Coach injury prevention professional development – September

The GRowingBODIES Coach Professional Development day is designed to empower coaches in their ability to prevent injuries in their athletes formative years.

The full day course, in Adelaide, on September 15th 2018 will cover:

  • how coaches can assist to prevent low back injuries and other common injuries in young developing bodies
  • how to manage the developing rowers load between doing too much or too little and the injury risks associated with either extreme
  • how strength and conditioning can be protective of injury for young GRowingBODIES and exactly what programs are best
  • what low back pain to be worried about
  • how to manage a rower back into training after injury

Extensive electronic resources will be provided to all attending Coaches:

  • individual stretches with photos and instructions to use as with you own school or club branding on posters, handouts or any other format [shown above]
  • warm up exercises as photos and instructions to formulate your own active warm up routines
  • trunk movement control and strength exercises with photos and instructions to formulate your own exercise programs
  • strength and conditioning exercises and instructions to formulate your own gym programs

These tips, resources and the knowledge will empower rowing coaches to be able give their athletes the best start in their rowing career. Athlete future lumbar spine health rests with school and club Coaches – back health should be high on every Coaches agenda and be included in their considerations for duty of care in club and school programs

Spaces are limited in this small group environment.  Further information, including booking details are available on this link: Coach PD Day 2018.

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